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While developing a customized and personal financial program, we will spend the time to walk you through a step-by-step process that will help you understand the process and feel confident with your decisions.

Once your goals have been established, we will customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives. We can help you execute sound financial strategies in the following areas:

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Investment Management*

Portfolios are constructed based on time horizons, attitudes towards risk, personal preferences, and any income and accumulation goals and objectives.

By using independent judgment and proprietary tools and methods, we select balanced and appropriate investments and recommend them to clients.

We review all assets and make sure they are properly coordinated with your risk tolerance, goals and objectives. We help clients build their portfolios.

Our focus is on after-tax returns  and what you get to keep now and in the future.

We construct and frequently review Investment Policy Statements with our clients to outline our investment parameters and benchmarks and make sure that we remain on track.


Retirement Planning

We complete detailed financial plans to help clients accurately assess their retirement goals to ensure they are realistic and maintain a high likelihood of success.

We help pre-retirees determine any potential income shortfalls now and in retirement and design plans that allow them to generate the income they need later.

The effects of inflation, taxes, disability, and death are assessed to determine the impact these variables will have on the retirement plan.

For clients taking income, we help determine realistic withdrawal rates to better preserve assets and provide a sustainable income throughout retirement.


Trust & Estate Planning

We collaborate with clients and work closely with their other advisers to develop strategies to transfer assets to spouses, children, grandchildren, and any charities through tax efficient means.

The titling of assets, beneficiary designations, investment accounts, legal documents, and family situations are frequently reviewed to ensure proper coordination with a working estate plan.

We work with trustees on the prudent investment of trust assets and in accordance with trust provisions and any additional legal requirements.

We also work with Trustees to help facilitate and expedite the estate settlement process. We have excellent experience in that area.

For taxable estates, we help you leverage assets outside of your estate to help you avoid any transfer taxes.

We will review all life insurance contracts to make sure your coverage is still adequate and appropriate. 


Tax Planning 

We review tax returns with you to show you ways to reduce your ongoing taxes.

We review all retirement plan options available to you to help you maximize contributions and tax deductions.

We illustrate Roth IRA conversion strategies to help you and your tax adviser quickly determine if it may be appropriate for you. 

We make sure that any past investment losses are fully utilized to your favor by helping mitigate any future tax liabilities.

Portfolios are actively monitored and "tax loss harvesting" is often suggested when appropriate to minimize any capital gains and income taxes.  This is becoming especially important given the increasing tax environment we now live in.


 College Savings

We will help you first determine the approximate tuition, room and board and other expenses at the college or university you would like to prepare for your child to attend.

We will help you select and manage a college savings account and calculate an adequate funding level to help satisfy future costs.

We can help affluent grandparents develop plans to save and pay for their grandchildren's college expenses without gift tax consequences while reducing the size of their taxable estate.


Risk Management

We will review all current life, health, disability and long-term care insurance plans to determine adequacy of coverage and competative pricing.

We will help you determine the financial risk of loss due to a premature disability or death and show you how to protect you and your family.

We will incorporate and assess the potential costs of ongoing custodial care in your retirement plans to ensure you get the best care without unnecessarily depleting your assets or later relying on state welfare.

Using life insurance, we can help keep your estate intact for future generations by preparing to pay for any estate / transfer taxes in advance and in the most tax advantaged way possible.

We can help you fund generation skipping trusts that provide asset protection to future generation in the case of creditors, bankruptcy, or divorce.


 Charitable Giving

We can help you strategize how to get the highest economic benefit from your philantropy.  This might included donating stock with unrealized gains versus cash, or tax-deferred assets like retirement accounts rather than tax-free life insurance.

We can help you fund and manage charitable trusts that provide you, the donor, with an upfront tax deduction, tax-deferral, and a lifetime of income during retirement. 


For Businesses 

We specialize in working with small and medium sized business owners.  Our primary goal when working with business owners is to help them reduce their tax burdens and cost of doing business and to allow owners more time to focus on improving and growing their operations and profit margins.

We have a good understanding of most of the tax laws and help clients utilize these tax rules to their best advantage.

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Tax Reduction Strategies

We work closely with you and your CPA to ensure all options are exhausted to mitigate your taxes.  We are exclusively tax planners - not tax preparers.

Depending on your current tax status, we can show you ways to accelerate income in lean years (thereby reducing overall taxes) or defer income in good years.  Both steps can result in substantial tax savings.

We can show you potential ways to structure your life, disability, and long-term care insurance in a way to make premiums tax deductible.

We can design an investment program specific to your tax circumstances. 


Retirement Plan Design / Management

We can design a retirement plan that affords the owner or partners the maximum tax deductions.

We can help you implement a smart retirement plan structured to reward and retain employees.  This can help avoid costly employee turnover.

We help you with the ongoing management of the plan by conducting onsite participant education / enrollment, annual plan reviews, investment line-up selection, and help ensure that you, as plan sponsor, are meeting your fiduciary obligations.


Business Continuation / Succession

We can help you structure and fund a future plan to transfer / sell your business to your children or key employee(s) or outside third parties

Often times, we coordinate any business succession plan with your overall retirement and estate plan.  If necessary, we can help ensure an equitable transfer of you overall estate to your children (including those not currently active in your business.)

We can help ensure your business survives your premature death or disability.


Risk Management

We can work with your attorneys to structure and fund a buy/sell agreement between business partners. In the event of you or your business partner's premature death, such arrangements will help avoid common conflicts with the deceased partner's spouse or children and help ensure the survival of the business.

We can ensure your business against disruption with Business Overhead Insurance which pays for the ongoing costs of the business in the event the owner becomes disabled.

We can help you use your business entity to provide personal asset protection.

By proactively reviewing your employee benefits plans with you, we can help keep you up-to-date and in compliance with DOL regulations and protect you from any potential claims and lawsuits brought by a disgruntled employee.


   Key Employee Recruitment / Retention

 We can help you design a compensation structure commonly referred to as a "Golden Handcuff Plan" to help recruit, retain, and reward your top talent.

We can structure a discretionary supplemental retirement plan for your key employees that allows for much higher contribution limits than traditional retirement plans such as 401(k)s.  As employer, you choose who is allowed to participate.

With Keyman Insurance, we can help you affordably protect your company from any loss of revenue that would accompany a key employee's death or disability.

Employee Benefits / Group Medical

We can help you structure and maintain group health, life, disability or long-term care insurance plans for you and your employees.

We have considerable expertiese and know the rules in the Medicare elibibility and benefits areas.  We are problem oriented. 

We will provide annual reviews of your plans and present you with appropriate alternatives to help you and your employees manage costs.

We keep you aprised of all regulatory changes that may affect your company and your plan/s.

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 SagePoint Financial, Inc. does not offer tax and legal services.


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